Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming technology and game enthusiast, Alyssa, to our office. Here is what she wrote about her week of work experience:

My name is Alyssa, I’m a year 10 student at Woodrush High School and I did a week of work experience at Stickee!

I found out about Stickee when searching for a game development place to do my work experience. Stickee is a technology company that does VR game development, marketing and other technology-based work.

On the first day there I talked to Dan and Jody about what I would be doing for the week and I even had my own desk with a laptop. I wrote a blog post for Asda Mobile about AirPods and I got to use Google Trends and SEMrush to help me write it; I had a lot of fun.

At first, I was nervous about going, but when I got there I really enjoyed myself.

On the second day, I was working with Google Analytics. I spend some time exploring the website and then I wrote a report on the best and worst landing pages on Asda Mobile.

On the third day, I spend a lot of time learning how to code using an HTML coding website. I enjoyed this a lot because I love programming and I want to be able to do more. I really want to do game development as a job when I’m older, I think I would like to do the programming for VR games.

I spent the fourth day with Gerjohn, we quality tested some VR games and worked on improving a VR running game. One of the games we tested was a cricket game; I’m really bad at sports so I didn’t hit the ball even once! It was still a lot of fun, especially because I don’t usually get to play VR games. Lunchtime was also fun that day, I got to play pool with some of the other staff members.

I had a great time at Stickee and I learned a lot about programming and what it’s like to be in a working environment. It’s a lot different than in school and I felt like I was part of the team.

My work experience at Stickee really helped me have a better idea about what I want to do in the future and I really hope to be working in a place like Stickee when I’m older.

Everyone there was really nice and made sure to help me, thank you Stickee for helping me have an enjoyable work experience week and raise my confidence.