stickee were proud to sponsor the renowned student hackathon BrumHack at the University of Birmingham over the weekend. Now completing its sixth installment, the 24-hour non-stop hackathon ran from March 25th-26th, with students from across the UK attending.

Over the weekend, the students assembled into teams and began building a project from scratch, ready for presentations on Sunday. As they began hacking on Saturday the stickee team were out and about learning about their innovative ideas. With our experienced developers at hand, giving them tips and insight into the industry, the students learnt more about web and software development.

Virtual Reality BrumHack

We also gave students the opportunity to immerse themselves in our Virtual Reality experiences and try out a HTC Vive. After working hard on their projects, it wasn’t long before students strapped on a headset and gave it a go. Trying their hands at our own game ‘Thunder Spheres’, the students were competing to get the highest scores. With a chance to win either a Stealth VR Headset or an Anker power bank, the game got very competitive. Four lucky winners went home with these prizes and it didn’t take long before they tried out their own mobile VR headsets.

Winners Virtual Reality BrumHack

The hackathon provided some good food to keep the students going, including pizza at midnight to power them through the night and some tasty fish and chips for lunch. After working through most of the night, the students prepared themselves to present their creations the next morning.

So, what had the students come up with? From ‘WizARds’ an AR card game and ‘Didu’ a location based memory assistance tool, to a ‘TinderBot’ and ‘Colourful Pigeons‘ a fun game, the results of their hard work were impressive. To check out all their creations follow BrumHack on Twitter and take a look at their site here for more information about the event.

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the event and are proud to have supported this hackathon. As a business that is built upon innovation, supporting the creative development of young talent is an opportunity we couldn’t miss. Sharing the VR experience and our knowledge with the students was a delight. We look forward to seeing talented students at many more hackathons!