stickee are proud to be sponsoring the renowned student Hackathon hosted by the University of Birmingham. At stickee, we love all things tech. With creativity at the core of everything we do, the opportunity to help students nurture their creative minds was a chance we couldn’t miss.

In supporting the event, Development Director at stickee, James Nestoruk says that “stickee are thrilled to be sponsors of Brumhack 2017. As a former University of Birmingham student and now an employee at stickee, I am looking forward to seeing the interaction between tech businesses and students.”

The student dedicated hackathon named ‘BrumHack’ is a weekend dedicated to cultivating the creative minds of students and recent graduates. Running across the weekend of the 25th March, this hackathon will offer attendees the chance to brainstorm project ideas and create a working prototype within a time limit.Not just exclusive to coders, data analysts and designers are encouraged to attend to offer their perspective and expertise to their teams. After completing their work, on Sunday teams will present their work with the hopes to bag a prize for their results.

This is a dedicated student hackathon, so the only requirement for attendees to be eligible to attend is that they are students or have just graduated in the last year.

All the details of the event can be found online on the BrumHack website. We hope to be involved in more tech events and hackathons at stickee. If you are hosting your own hackathon, get in touch with the team at stickee, we would love to hear about it.