The stickee team is made up of enthusiastic individuals who are experts in their field of work. One example of this, is our Director of Business Development, Dan Richards. With years of experience in marketing, SEO and Digital Media, Dan has strengthened his technical knowledge whilst accumulating valuable experience over the years.

Due to his expertise and passion to develop the skills of others, Dan was a member of the ‘Influential Speakers’ at the Digital Innovation Show on April 4th. This Digital Expo held at Southampton, offers stands for businesses to exhibit and seminars for business talks. The event which is dedicated to connecting brands from across the UK to highlight the latest tools, trends and technology to support growth in a digital world, was a success for all those who attended.

Digital Innovation Show 2017

With representatives from Google to internationally renowned speakers and writers attending, the day celebrated the advances in Digital Marketing with informative talks from experts. Alongside other experienced speakers, Dan shared his knowledge of Account Based Marketing (ABM) to a crowd of 200 delegates. Shedding light on it’s importance, Dan shared key advice and he received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.

After attending the event and speaking to fellow delegates Dan has shared his views on the experience:

‘I really enjoyed the Digital Innovation Show and I was delighted to be asked to speak. Gemma and her team put together a fantastic event. The delegates were very engaged throughout the day, this is a testament to the organisers and the other speakers. I’ve seen a couple of talks from Warren Knight and he never fails to deliver, nice chap too.

Speaking is something I’ve done sporadically over the years but now I’m looking to become a regular at events like DIS. The topic I delved into was Account Based Marketing (often abbreviated as ABM). I talked through the process of selecting target accounts, deciding what marketing channels you’ll approach the accounts via and how to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. The talk seemed to go down well and I had lots of kind and positive feedback from attendees afterwards.

I want to thank Gemma at Mintsource Events for inviting me, everyone that listened on the day and as always, the very supportive team at stickee. Special thanks to Matt Chan (stickee, Marketing Director) for coming with me on the day! Keep an eye out, I’ll be talking again soon!’

We were delighted that Dan attended The Digital Innovation Show and had such a great time. We look forward to Dan speaking at many more events in the future.