Here’s a challenge:

Can you describe what do, using only words of one syllable?

Some people think that syllable-count and BS-factor are closely correlated. If you force yourself to write in monosyllables, it’s likely that you’ll cut out all the techno-babble that makes it hard for people to understand what you’re trying to say.

Here’s our attempt:

We help firms look good and sell more on the web.

We make their sites work well so that they are a cinch to use – by the man in the street, not just by geeks, nerds and egg heads like us. In this way, we help them please those who buy from them.

We help firms choose to spend their cash on things that will help them make more cash, and we help them keep their costs down. We think they should not waste cash on things they do not need or that will not work well for them.

We build neat tools, too, like one that tracks the price of things on the web as they change from day to day or from hour to hour. That way, firms can make sure they sell things at the right price at all times.

We help spread the word on firms so that more folks hear of them. They want the world to know how good they, and the things they sell, are. To do this we use the net in lots of smart ways, we can tell you more on this if you like, feel free to ask.

In our firm we each have our own jobs. Ben does things that spread the word for the firms we work with. Kam writes cool code that makes sites work. Wayne talks to firms on the phone and face to face, his job is to make them smile. He is good at this, as you will find when you meet him. Ed builds tools which do smart things, like the one we wrote about just now. Karl draws on his screen to make things look great; he is also the boss. You will spot him – he is the one in a smart shirt and tie.

Would you like to know more? You can call us! Wayne would love to hear from you. He will try to make you smile. You can reach us on 0121 704 5600.