Comparison services might not sound like the most exciting subject in the world to the average joe, but without it you may end up shelling out more than you are now. This is because our comparison services span a broad range of subjects, some of which you might not know about.

Of course, if you don’t know about them you still could be paying too much for some of your monthly bills, so we thought we’d fill you in. Here are four ways our comparison services at stickee can save you money.

Mobile Phone Contracts

With an estimated 4.61bn mobile phone users on the planet, smartphone contracts are big business, and comparing all of them can be a tricky task. That’s why we have our own mobile phone comparison feed that’s easy to use, helping you look at phone deals by network, price and model along with many more areas.

A demonstration of our comparison services can be seen at our example Comparison Template site here.

With mobile phone deals varying in price you may end up saving a few pounds each month or possibly much more. This means that over the course of a full phone contract, you could save hundreds of pounds by comparing with us.

Broadband Deals

Broadband comparison

Another household necessity which is often costing us too much cash each month is broadband. Whilst you might think you’re getting a good deal, by simply comparing yours to the competition you may find out you’re spending a little bit too much each month.

By working with some of the biggest names in the world of comparison, our broadband deal feed compares monthly costs and services for your internet connection – helping homes of all budgets secure the right deal.

So by swi/client-testimonials/tching with the assistance of our feed, you should end up saving a fair bit of cash each month. This leaves you with a bit more cash spare to help save up for your next holiday, or even bag yourself a new car.


Did we mention cars? Well why not save some money on your next one with us as well?

Working with Carfused, the stickee team built one of the most detailed and easy to use comparison services in the business. It sums up cars from dealerships across the UK to allow customers to find their dream vehicle, regardless of make or model.

With new cars being one of the largest expenditures you’re likely to go through, getting the right deal when you buy one is key. That’s why we’ve decided to ply our comparison trade to the vehicular market.

By finding the best deal for you with our car comparison services, you can save thousands of pounds in just one transaction – more than enough to make doing your online homework worthwhile.

Pet Insurance

Pet Comparison

Our furry friends sometimes need a helping hand, be it if they’re ill, lost or injured – and it’s not always cheap. That’s why you should use our very own pet insurance comparison tool to guarantee your pets are kept in tip-top shape for the cheapest price possible.

Offering a great way for you to compare insurance quotes for a wide range of pets, we can help you get the ideal plan to suit you with varying ranges of cover.

So, even if you may only spend a few pounds each month on your pet insurance, you could still make a saving using our pet insurance comparison service.

So, have we got you thinking about saving some cash with one of our comparison feeds? Take a look at what else we do as a company here.