Early last month, our beloved CTO, Karl Binder, was invited to give a talk at the University of Wolverhampton’s Visual Communications department, speaking to students about career options post-university.

Karl talked the students through his background in graphic design and “new media” and his experience with starting his own business.

While remaining honest about the difficulties of entrepreneurship and the obstacles that sometimes pave the technological landscape, Karl gave Wolverhampton’s students valuable career advice – which we hope will help them find their way after they graduate.

With a passion for all things tech, Karl has been a pivotal in stickee’s journey. His direction and expert knowledge of the industry has resulted in our team working with the likes of NatWest, Carphone Warehouse and Fosters.

When sharing what it’s like to expand your clientele base and establish a reputable brand in the industry, Karl shared:

“People work with people – personal relationships make such a big difference. Irrespective of your job title or experience as long as you are competent, personable, reasonable and follow up on your promises you will foster the best working relationships that keep coming back”

Innovation is something stickee prides itself on. Heading up our Research and Development team, Karl has driven our exploration of emerging technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality. In a faced paced industry, keeping up to date with the latest technology is essential to succeed. 

In order to do this, the team need to be able to pitch ideas which may be out of the box. To encourage team members to share ideas, Karl emphasised the importance of company culture. He shared that: 

“we emphasise our company culture in everything we do, from artwork on the walls, staff socials and a tiki bar in the office we try to create a family environment where people like to work”

In summary, Karl’s key tips to making it in the world or tech and design are:

  • Gain experience before starting your job search
  • Set goals for yourself and for your business
  • Know your place in the market
  • Be confident in yourself and trust others to drive change and growth
  • Be patient – success doesn’t happen in a day!

Think this is good advice? Come talk to us about your web project! Our team will be delighted to help you reach your goals.