We’re continuing with our meet the stickee team series, and this time it’s web developer David’s turn in the spotlight.

stickee: Hi David, can you tell us a bit about your background? How did you end up working for stickee?

DB: I used to do a lot of freelance work in IT before focusing on getting my degree. I spent six months working for my last company, Neal’s Yard Remedies, to help get their e-commerce site off the ground. IT jobs are in short supply in the West Country and I’d been looking to relocate to the West Midlands for some time, so applied to stickee, and here I am!

stickee: Can we get you a tea or coffee? How many sugars?

DB: Tea, with milk, two sugars, stirred not shaken.

stickee: What were your first impressions of stickee?

DB: My Solicitor has advised me not to answer that question, although I do remember thinking to myself, “It’s nice how everyone is so friendly.”

stickee: Who would play you in a movie of your life?

DB: That’s a tough one. David Tennant maybe? We know he can do roles without the Scottish accent and can demonstrate a suitable level of hyperactive-ness.

stickee: If you have a life outside of stickee, what do you get up to?

DB: I quite enjoy playing video games – I’m still trying to complete even one play-through of Fallout 4 at the moment. Another little pleasure I like indulging in is creative writing, though I’m too nervous to show anyone what I’ve written. Cars are also a great passion, and I enjoy reading up on the latest in the automotive world and adding to my ever expanding wish-list.

stickee: It’s lunchtime, someone offers to get you a takeaway you desire, what do you go for?

DB: Pizza! Stuffed crust, lots of meat toppings.

stickee: What’s your favourite book, film and album?

DB: Favourite book – at the moment, rereading Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (the book the film was based off of. I think it’s better than the film). Favourite film – In the Loop or Serenity. Don’t really have a favourite album, I just listen to songs that catch my ear.

stickee: What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on?

DB: Portugal, to the Algarve – stayed in a Villa very close to Lagos. Pretty much explored about half of the region in the time I was there, but a one of my favourites was when I drove up Serra de Monchique, which you can see the whole region from. One heck of a view!

stickee: Thanks David, we’ll let you get back to it!