Creating a bespoke illustration can be a lengthy process and once its done there is not often any record of the steps that were taken to create the image. This time lapse video was recorded within the iPad app ‘Procreate’ which was used to create this cricketing batsman illustration that is used to promote our virtual reality cricket experience ‘Balls! VR Cricket’.

Procreate was used as the drawing and painting application to create the image where the brush and other tools are simply your fingers themselves and a range of different painting effects – such as pencil, ink, paint brush and air brush – create the different effects on a range of layers. Once complete the image is exported as a layered photoshop PSD file, and the video exported as an m4v file. In photoshop we then add the 3D logo (created in 3DS Max) as well as the company logo and text.

Job done.


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