Creating an email newsletter that people will read and not just throw in the junk is not a simple task. The top ten tips below are a quick guide of things to consider when creating your email.

  1. Use simple words and clear language.
  2. Make use of white space. Draw the readers eye to where you want them to read by making use of white/negative space.
  3. People read less on screen than on paper. Write shorter sentences than you would on paper.
  4. Make your paragraphs much short. Long paragraphs put people off when reading on screen. Keep them short!
  5. Think in terms of easy navigation. Use clever and to the point titles for sections or stories to make it as easy as possible for the reader to identify what they are interested in reading,
  6. Use lists! Use bullet points or numbered lists to keep things snappy.
  7. Use your brand on the header, and keep it short and simple. Don’t push all the content off the bottom of the screen with just a massive logo.
  8. Keep the layout clean and simple. Make sections of the email clearly identifiable as a different section.
  9. Take a break before sending out the email and come back to it with fresher eyes.
  10. Make use of the subject line. This will be the key wording. This simple line or collection of words will effect whether or not your recipient reads this email at all. Include numbers, questions and make it obvious what it’s about.