Attendees from Google, Birmingham Open Media and Solihull Council, among others, were treated to hands-on demonstrations of the latest Virtual Reality (VR) kit and even Stephen Spielberg’s VR camera, now operated by the team at Media Dog.

What was previously a thing of the future, Virtual Reality is firmly a thing of the present, and with PlayStation’s VR kit due to launch in the coming days, the adoption of virtual reality in our homes is only going to escalate. Despite this, few of us have experienced the fully-immersive quality of VR or discussed the applications for VR within industry or every-day usage. It was with this in mind that stickee decided to host an event that opened up the possibilities to an appreciative audience.

Korash Sanjideh gave the night’s talk, covering the applications of Virtual Reality away from the obvious uses in gaming. This covered how education, advertising, publishing and retail have used, and can make use of, Virtual Reality.

Karl Binder, stickee’s Innovation Director, said: “It’s great to see so much enthusiasm and interest around the subject of VR for applications other than gaming. It really is something that needs to be experienced to fully appreciate and we’re delighted to be able to offer a chance to experience some of these latest devices tonight.” 

Demonstrations included an educational walk through of the International Space Station, with the viewer suspended in space, looking down on the ISS and earth and stepping into 1666 London to witness the Great Fire.

“Tonight’s event is the first of many, which we’ll be hosting at our offices here in Solihull”, Binder added. “With so many creative and innovative companies and people in the West Midlands, we’re hoping to spark ideas and opportunities for ourselves and businesses alike.”

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