Case study

ASDA Gift Cards

ASDA Gift Cards are part of the ASDA Money group who had approached us after seeing the growth of the Mobile product.

ASDA Gift Cards required a similar proposition as ASDA Mobile whereby a full website redesign/build was needed along with marketing activity to support it.

There are multiple partners who are seeking to sell their own gift cards on the ASDA platform so a lot of cooperation will be required.

The solution

We wanted to create a platform that wasn’t overcomplicated given the multiple partners gift cards that would be on display. Developing an easy to navigate system was essential and we feel like that was achieved as soon as you visit the homepage. There is a top-up funcion using third party APIs that drives payment through and allows users to keep their cards in credit. You can also sign-in and check your account balance or purchase more gift cards if desired.

The marketing team had developed a strategy that would ultimately boost sales since it’s launch in early 2021. The team have well and truly delivered by making 2021 the most profitable year for ASDA GC.

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