Parsley.js is a great little client-side JavaScript validation library. It’s been around since 2012 and we’ve been using it almost as long. It’s stable, well-used and well-respected. We use it in some of our projects, and we love it.

Until today… when we installed Parsley version 2.3.2 on a project, and found we were getting some strange browser crashes when the validation library ran.

It took a little while to track down what was causing the problem – until we noticed that the browser-freeze issue was not affecting one of our development servers. We ran a diff on the parsley.js code between our different servers – and from there, finding and fixing the problem was quite straightforward. Version 2.3.2 contains a crash-causing bug – it probably should never have been released into the wild. Happily, the Parsley People are on the case and have released version 2.3.3, which fixes the problem.

The parsley git repository tells its own story…

Screenshot of parsley.js git repository

We’ve all made embarrassing mistakes. The beauty of git is that they’re preserved for all eternity, even after you’ve fixed them. Kudos to for manning up and going for “Fix embarrassing bug…” rather than “Minor update…”.