As a technology company who are passionate about all things tech, we love the opportunity to help develop the skills of young talent in this field.

During this Easter break, stickee opened its doors to some pupils who wanted to develop their computing skills. We were delighted to provide the students with all the tools they needed for this educational experience, from hardware to Virtual Reality headsets and tech experts at hand to offer assistance.

Coding challenge with Scratch

The two enthusiastic students joining us were Elliot, aged 10 and Dylan, aged 8. Both pupils, who are currently in primary education – in Year 3 and Year 5 – were given a coding task to complete. Armed with plenty of experience using  Scratch at school to learn code, the two were challenged to create their own game with the platform.

students coding stickee

Before getting started on the computer, they put pen to paper and brainstormed their game ideas. Drawing a draft of their ball game, they planned what they wanted their game to look like.

Planning the technical requirements of the game and determining what code they would need unveiled some issues in their vision. Through trial and error and amending code, the boys created their own game. Their game requires a player to get a ball to a target on the other side of the screen, whilst trying to avoid the ball getting caught in a flying net – and it’s a really fun challenge!

Their Experience

When asked what they like most about coding, they said:

“We like that you can do anything and make anything”

After working hard to develop their game, Elliot and Dylan strapped on a HTC Vive headset and tried their hands at some of our Virtual Reality experiences. They enjoyed a unique opportunity to experience an immersive technology, and were thrilled to be playing with one of the most exciting gaming devices on the market.

We love supporting the development of young talent, whether it’s in the form of work experience, a day in the office with the team or through workshops. If you want to collaborate or learn about our technology expertise, get in touch with us here.