If you’ve established an online brand, monetising your website and earning a passive income is a perfect way to turn your online platform into a steady revenue stream.

The question then arises as how you should go about doing this. In short, it’s White Labels. Advertising through partnerships is good, but it can be costly for those new to the industry.

Ready made White Labels are a quick and easy way to set up a money making system for your website. We know this because we’re pretty good at helping our customers make money through White Labels.

Here’s why White Labels are one of the easiest ways to generate revenue online from your website.  


What is a White Label?

A White Label is effectively a ready made website that you can skin with your own company branding, including colours, logos and fonts.

Here’s an example as to what a White Label for a mobile phone comparison provider looks like: https://example.stickeemobiles.co.uk/

Here’s an example as to what a demo White Label for a broadband comparison provider looks like: https://example.stickeebroadband.co.uk/


So why get a White Label?

Firstly, it’s far quicker and easier to invest in a ready built solution compared to your team developing one from scratch. The process of your team creating an online solution requires planning, designing, building and testing. 

A great provider will get your White Label set up pretty quickly and once that’s done, you should have a ready made site which you can market from the get go. A White Label including integration documentation can be delivered in as little as a week.

If you’re concerned about the White Label looking generic, it can be customised and designed to incorporate the colours, fonts and logos you want.

With the White Label so simple to integrate, they are a great tool for marketing via social media and paid search. With less investment required for development, more of your budget can be allocated towards your marketing efforts. This is especially useful for those who will use social media as their primary advertising platform.


Leave the work to the experts

You don’t need to worry about a thing. Let the experts do the technical building and manage the product pricing with their access to feeds.

stickee will update all the mobiles and broadband deals as and when the providers change their tariffs, so you don’t have to do anything.

We also constantly monitor consumer behaviour on the White Labels in order to optimise them for higher conversion.


Go for a high in demand product

You don’t want to offer customers something that there isn’t a big demand for. Tech, clothing and online services usually always attract healthy traffic on a regular basis.  Before delving into the world of affiliate marketing, do some quick keyword research to gage the volume or search your chosen topic receives.

Just as important is the relevance of the White Label with the interests of your audience. If you write reviews on the latest iPhone and Samsung releases, the audiences you’re attracting are interested the latest smartphones. So keeping your offers relevant to your audience will increase your chances of earning more money.


The Money

The most important question which everyone asks, how much money can I make? This depends entirely on who the provider is and what is being sold through the affiliate scheme.

Here’s an example of the kind of earnings you can make on Mobile and Broadband deals with stickee’s White Label programme.


What Can I Earn?

Mobile Pay Monthly Validated Sale £20
SIM Only Validated Sale £5
Broadband Validated Sale £25


If you have a website attracting healthy traffic levels on a regular basis, earning a good sum from your White Label is certainly possible.


Things to remember

  • 50% of web traffic is generated via mobile device. So if you’re White Label isn’t mobile friendly, you are delivering a bad experience to a significant portion of the market. Bad experience, equals to lower conversion rates.
  • Choose a well connected provider, who operates with most of the market. If you really want to earn a healthy income from your White Label, realistically you need to offer your customers the best offers out there. In order to do this, choose a provider that will find the most competitive deals on the market, to improve your chances of selling.


Being quick and easy to set up, with very little up front cost to set up make White Labels a very attractive option to monetise websites.

If you want to find out more about White Labels, speak to our experts here who are experienced in delivering them to countless clients.