Once again we continue our Meet the Team series, this time introducing stickee’s Creative Director, James Orton – based in the Web team.

stickee: How did you end up working for stickee? Tell us how you got here (can you tell us a bit about your background, your last job, perhaps your degree)?

JO: After working for a retail company for 7 years I decided on a career change and went to university. I thought I wanted to go into teaching, but soon changed my mind and got myself a degree in Art and IT. Following that I got into design work and eventually ended up here – I haven’t looked back since.

stickee: Can we get you a tea or coffee? How many sugars?

JO: I’m not actually that much of a fan of hot drinks, I don’t mind a hot chocolate now and then though.

stickee: What were your first impressions of stickee?

JO: I thought that it was a nice company to work for with lots of friendly staff. That sold me on it if i’m being honest.

stickee: Who would play you in a movie of your life?

JO: Maybe Ryan Gosling? Honestly, I hadn’t a clue when you asked me, so I had to do a Google search for blonde male actors and his face was the first one which popped up!

stickee: If you have a life outside of stickee, what do you get up to?

JO: Well there’s not much of my life outside it, but when I do have spare time I’m either spending time with my daughter or playing the odd sport. If not, you can find me beating some of my office colleagues at FIFA – I have more success with some than I do with others though…

stickee: It’s lunchtime, someone offers to get you whatever takeaway you desire, what do you go for?

JO: That’s a tough call between Nando’s and Five Guys, but Nando’s probably just edges it.

stickee: What’s your favourite book, film and album?jo 2

JO: I’m a big James Patterson fan when it comes to books, his Alex Cross Novels are my favourites. As for films, I’m a big comic book fan, so anything Marvel – Deadpool is my current favourite though. My musical tastes lie in R&B or rap, Drake’s album Take Care, was great, as was Usher’s 8701.

stickee: What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on?

JO: I went to Orlando as a child which was brilliant fun, but my all-time favourite was a stag-do which I organised for a friend of mine in Barcelona – the weather was great and the company was awesome, i’d go again in a heartbeat!

Thanks a lot James, we’ll leave you to get on with work…