Following the creation of its very first virtual reality game, stickee has now produced two more pieces of software with VR capabilities.

Both games run via the recently launched HTC Vive, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in new worlds and interact with the game via the game controller supplied with the headset.

Moon Shock!

Moon Shock! Enables HTC Vive users to make the trip to a faraway moon in outer space – where not all is at it seems.

After exiting your spaceship, you and your trusty laser blaster need to fight off dozens of robots that are hell-bent to attack you as an intruder on the moon.

Using the HTC Vive controller, you need to use your laser blaster to fight off the army of robots, all whilst taking in the beautiful starry skies above.

Bug NationBug Nation

stickee’s Bug Nation has the player step into a world of mushrooms, fairies and insects – but there’s a twist, you’re now only millimetres tall, making you an ideal target for all the wildlife living in the game’s environment.

Using the HTC Vive controller you need to fight off the hungry bugs looking to make you their next lunch and avoid hitting the harmless fairies also floating through the air.

Points are awarded for squashing the attacking bugs, whilst you’ll lose points for hitting fairies (which also explode if you squash them – making life even tougher).

You’ll need to do all this whilst surrounded by intriguing scenery, topped by cola cans the size of cars and flowers that tower above the player.

Both games are developed on the Unity 3D game engine designed for use with the HTC Vive VR headset.

They each follow up from the opening BFG virtual reality game announced by stickee earlier on this summer, which itself works exclusively on the HTC Vive.

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