We always love to be in the know of the latest technology developments, which is why we were prompted to research into the latest trend – Virtual Reality. Who doesn’t want to put on a headset and run around in circles whilst others judge you? We know there’s stiff competition out there with Facebook spending big bucks on Oculus Rift, the market has quickly become competitive. After trying to swallow as much information as possible, we at stickee decided to invest into one of the markets top dogs – the HTC Vive.

Let’s just say that the product is prettycool. The design is beautiful, the performance is great and the usability is even better. Once you actually open the box, you will be presented with the VR headset, two Vive controllers, two base stations to track your movements, a pair of micro USB cables and power adapters for the controllers, a link box to connect the plethora of HDMI and sync cables from the headset and peripherals to the computer.

Setting it all up may seem like a nightmare, but once you start then it will be pretty straight forward. It is a testament to HTC, who have created a step-by-step tutorial that runs through the initial set-up and ensures you should be up and running within 20 minutes.

Did you know that the HTC Vive is currently the only headset on the market that lets wearers wander around the room? Your real-life movements are then replicated inside the virtual world making the Vive feel even more immersive – impressive right?

Once we finished setting it all up, we were quick to test the product and user experience out – and in short, we were not disappointed. If you want a kick-ass virtual reality experience, then look no further. Granted, it comes with a hefty price tag, but the product is worthy to be labeled as one of the best virtual reality experiences on the current market.

Why not book an appointment with us to discuss an upcoming project and we’ll let you test the Vive out for yourself?