It’s not often that we get to dress up in the office (Halloween being the exception), so we took full advantage of this opportunity. We thought we’d spice things up when it came to our office sweep-stake, and no – unfortunately cooking was not involved. On the day of the tournament opener, everyone was tasked to dress up in a theme that relates to their country. Whoever was voted as the ‘best dressed’ by their peers would receive half of the total prize money. You can imagine the difficulties that came with this, what relates to your country? Is it wearable? Is it appropriate? The stress certainly started to kick in.

When the day finally arrived, we had a Terminator, a Big Bird and a Toblerone (you read that right) walking around the office. Good job there were no meetings booked in on that day… Excuse the sarcasm, of course we had meetings to attend. The sight of having Big Bird face a client was nothing short of brilliant.

After a fantastic effort by all, the time had come for people to cast their vote on the best dressed. It was a close call in the end, but the top prize had been given to our Russian dressed developer, Elliott! Congrats Elliott – you are now able to grow your beard back.