I’m delighted to announce that stickee has had its application for direct authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved, effective June 1.

Having been an Appointed Representative of i-Partners Insurance Management, following the launch of its first insurance comparison service in 2014, stickee took the decision to seek direct authorisation late last year. This now enables the business to take its destiny into its own hands and build on its insurance comparison services with more autonomy.

Working with i-Partners Insurance Management has been a great partnership for the business and we’ve learned a lot about compliance as well as insurance.

The application process was rigorous and for good reason. Presenting a business plan alongside audited accounts, structure, governance and intentions once regulated meant that we held the business up to a mirror, confirming that we had the right strategy for growth and compliance.

Operating with the Firm Reference Number (FRN) 727975, stickee is committed to expanding its insurance comparison services, with the launch of the UK’s first GAP insurance comparison service in August.

For more information about our insurance comparison services, please get in touch.