stickee is thrilled to announce that it’s officially released its first VR game to the general public.

Six Feet Under is a collection of Halloween based VR games that are perfect for parties, events or individual play. Working through the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, the game was officially released on September 20th and is available to download free of charge.


There are three different mini-games available to get to grips with, each one challenging users in different ways.

  • The Crypt – Trapped in a gloomy underground cemetery with water levels constantly rising around the player, the user needs to throw brains to knock skulls off staffs. The aim is to knock off as many skulls as you can before you’re engulfed in the water.
  • The Pyramid – In this Egyptian themed game, the player is a lone archaeologist locked in a pyramid full of mummies. Armed with just a shovel, players need to fight off the horde of enemies before being overcome.
  • The Mine – The final game of the three has the player armed with a pistol inside an abandoned mine full of large spiders. The aim of the game is to kill as many as possible before dying.

Each level provides a score which are added together to offer a final result once all games are complete, allowing friends to compete with one another.


Karl Binder, CTO at stickee, was thrilled to finally bring the games to the general public.

“It’s great news to see Six Feet Under being released to the general public, it’s certainly a step in the right direction for us as a company, and I hope that people will embrace it.

“Myself and the team have worked tirelessly to get to grips with the hardware to create VR technologies that are fun, entertaining and informative. This game is hopefully just the first step forward for us as we continue to push on in this exciting sector.

“It really is a credit to the tight-knit team we have here that this game has made general release – hopefully those who play it have as much fun as we did actually creating it.”

Six Feet Under is available to download for free direct from the Steam Store, more details about PC requirements are also available there.