A number of the stickee team took to the roads this week to have some wheelie good fun with this year’s national Cycle to Work Day event.

Created by Cyclescheme UK/Ireland and in partnership with Halfords, the UK was asked to give up its normal commute for a day to take to their bikes instead.

A quartet of stickee employees took part in the scheme this year, with all four of them converging on the Solihull based office from varying distances – followed by a hearty pastry based breakfast upon arrival.

Ed Genochio, Software Development Director, headed the stickee Cycle to Work Day scheme and explained why cycling to work is important.

“As a company we’re always keen to help our employees lead more active lifestyles – (especially because most of us work primarily in desk-based roles) – so promoting National Cycle to Work Day seemed the natural thing to do.

“We laid on a big bicycling breakfast for anyone who turned up to work on two wheels, so it was a social thing as well as a fresh-air-and-exercise thing. Like many businesses in the West Midlands, we’re just a short hop away from the canal network, which makes finding traffic-free routes a lot easier.

“Of course cycling to work isn’t feasible for everyone, so we’re also looking at what else we can do to reduce traffic and pollution on our roads, including a car-sharing scheme.”

Whilst our employees saw the health benefits of cycling during the day, the national scheme also pointed out how good for the environment it is as well – claiming that over 140,000kg of CO2 was saved across the country thanks to the event.

Meanwhile, according to Cycle To Work Day, over £300,000 was saved from fuel costs and nearly 21,000,000 calories were burnt by those who took part.

Congratulations to Chris, Greg, Charlotte and Ed for getting involved!

For more information about how cycling to work can benefit you, visit the Cycle to Work Day website here.