In commemoration of the anniversary of the Great Fire of London, stickee has created a VR tool to demonstrate the event.

The Great Fire of London took place in September 1666 and lasted for three days. In commemoration of the 350-year anniversary, stickee have built an immersive VR scene of what it would be like to be within London during the tragic event.

Acting as a representation, rather than a specific part of London, the scene shows a riverside section of the British capital shrouded in smoke and flames. The concept is that the tool could be developed further as an educational experience for those interested in learning about this historical event, and others.

Karl Binder, Product Innovation Director at stickee is excited about the possible applications for VR immersive experiences such as these.

“The Great Fire of London was a huge part of British history, so getting the chance to make a realistic representation of the event was a no-brainer for me.”

“I don’t think too many kids nowadays get much of a chance to learn about events such as these in much detail – and offering a more interactive and immersive way to look at the event should hopefully get people excited to learn all about the fire and devastation it caused.”

“Of course, whilst it’s an enthralling take on 17th century London, it’s worth remembering that it was also an event which reshaped London by destroying over 10,000 homes and St. Paul’s Cathedral. I’m looking forward to hearing the reception the VR scene gets at our upcoming VR event in October.”

We are also in the process of creating other historical and literature based virtual reality programs. This adds to the selection of gaming based technologies in our portfolio, including mini-games based on a number of subjects.

The virtual reality scene will be on show at the stickee offices on Thursday, October 6th from 6.30pm until 9pm.