Here at stickee we take our business incredibly seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t unwind after a long day of product management, content writing and development.

This is why we’re happy to announce that our all-new in-house Tiki Bar is here to cater for all of your smoothie, juice and coffee based needs!

After being kept under wraps for the best part of three months, Comparison Director, Damian Carvill was thrilled to be able to brighten up the office with the new addition – and relax with a smoothie on an otherwise dreary Wednesday morning.

“stickee is obviously a business first, but by bringing things like this into our dining area, it doesn’t just brighten up our already great space, but it helps all of the team continue their hard work.

“Whether it’s making a quick smoothie at breakfast or serving out juices during lunch, the all-new Tiki Bar will be put to great use by everyone here at stickee.

“Plus, by offering the team free fruit and smoothies, it helps us as a company promote healthy living, something which we obviously care a lot about, proven by our subsidised gym membership scheme”.

The stickee Tiki Bar provides fruit, juices, coffee and smoothies to staff members, clients and visitors at the Solihull based office, and even features some inflatable and electronic wildlife to give revellers a taste of the West Indies – direct from the West Midlands.

If you’d like to sample some of our house specialty smoothies whilst discussing stickee’s possibility as a working partner, why not pop into our office? You can find out how to get in contact with us here.